Our 3D cell culture platform and products enable human relevant 3D cell models for predicting therapeutic response.

We offer an easy-to-use 3D cell culture platform - VersaGel® and Symphony® - for growing patient & PDX tumor organoids in an ECM hydrogel. Nominated for Best New Drug Discovery Product of the Year (Scientist Choice Awards 2019) by customers.

Read more in our peer-reviewed publication (Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 2019)

We have also developed a proprietary 3D Immuno-Oncology (IO) Platform to engineer the various layers of the tumor microenvironment (tumor, stroma, immune) using our patented 3D photolithography technology to assay immunotherapy response. Currently, we collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to optimize our platform to their target program. Enrollment for collaboration has filled for Q2, and Q3 is 75% filled.



Symphony® instrument and VersaGel® ECM hydrogel


3D IO Platform

Tumor-immune, stromal and endothelial



Publications, posters, and protocols