3D Cell Culture Applications


3D Cell Culture Applications to Meet Your Specific Assay Needs

Through internal research and external collaboration, our menu of 3D cell culture Applications is growing. Our team of 3D experts work with you to optimize our existing protocols or develop new protocols for your specific Application.

By leveraging our expertise and optimized platform, you can significantly shorten the time it takes to implement a validated in vitro or ex vivo 3D assay.

validated Applications



The tumor microenvironment (TME) is a complex system which includes the tumor, stroma, and immune compartments.  We offer several validated IO protocols for pharmaceutical screening and validation testing.

Solid Tumor

Solid Tumor In Vitro

3D tumor growth and viability are standard assays for many oncology screens. Our simple 3D tumor protocol and VersaGel library enables a variety of tumor cell lines to be grown and assayed efficiently using a variety of image analysis platforms.

PDX ex vivo

Patient/PDX/Mouse ex vivo

Our ex vivo protocol uses tissue derived from patients, PDX, or mice to combine the complexity of in vivo with the speed and throughput of cell-based assays.


Interested in one of our 3D cell culture Applications?

Whether you are interested in adopting an Application in our current pipeline or developing a new Application, we can help.