3D Cell Culture Products


A New Standard for 3D Cell Culture

Our 3D cell culture products – VersaGel® and Symphony® – and a simple cell encapsulation protocol support assay developers and screening groups using standard 3D assays (e.g. proliferation, toxicity) for ex vivo culture of patient and PDX organoids.

Read our new paper on 3D patient/PDX ex vivo tumor testing in VersaGel, published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics!

Fabulous instrument and tools produced by Cypre. The versatility and ease of use of Versagel is a leap forward compared to traditional basement membrane matrices. The imaging capabilities enable phenotypic screen with an unprecedented resolution and clarity.
— Felipe de Sousa e Melo, Genentech, SelectScience Review


symphony versagel.jpg


T cell infiltration into VersaGel and tumor killing
We were able to adapt the Symphony/VersaGel platform to generate optimized plating conditions that would have been impossible with traditional matrices.
— Donnie MacKenzie, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, SelectScience Review

VersaGel® is a light-crosslinkable ECM hydrogel for culturing tumors in 3D

The versatile ECM hydrogel recapitulates the extracellular matrix of the tumor microenvironment and supports many cell types.

  • Cell adhesion through integrin binding sites

  • MMP-degradable for 3D cell growth and invasion

  • Optical clarity allows for superior high content analysis and better results

  • Microporous membrane for efficient nutrient, drug and gas exchange

  • Easy 30-minute digestion protocol enables downstream analysis flexibility

  • Batch consistency ensures reproducible results

  • Simple handling characteristics make 3D culture accessible to anyone


Symphony® is our easy to use instrument that solidifies VersaGel in standard microwell plates in 60 seconds

“Small footprint, big impact”.

Slightly bigger than a box of pipette tips, Symphony fits right in your biosafety hood. And with 1-button, you can make a plate your first day.

60 seconds per plate, then add media and incubate.

Unlock the power of VersaGel with the Symphony.

I found the Symphony with the accompanying VersaGel much easier to use than any of my previous 3D gel formats. I would certainly recommend it.
— Jayne Helsey, Molecular Devices, SelectScience Review