3D Cell Culture Services


The Future of Cell Culture is 3D and Cypre Wants to Help Everyone Get There

In addition to our 3D cell culture assay platform, we also offer optimization services to accelerate your 3D screening.

  • Eliminate timely in-house iteration and optimization

  • Implement best practices from the start

  • Enjoy faster deployment and shortened time to results

  • Ongoing support ensures success moving forward

Our in-house expertise is used to deliver a custom 3D cell culture solution much faster than iterating and optimizing yourself.

The product is simple and easy to use. It has given us reproducible results and is an enabling technology.
— Robert Blake, Genentech, SelectScience Review, Application: 3D co-culture tissues for aiding drug discovery in the cancer immunology field

How it works?


Discover. Optimize. Transfer. Support

  1. Discover: We work with your team to understand desired outcomes and assay conditions.

  2. Optimize: Our in-house 3D experts will optimize the formulation of our proprietary ECM hydrogel, VersaGel, and protocols for your cells.

  3. Transfer: Through virtual or onsite training of our platform, our 3D experts will transfer the knowledge and protocols to your team.

  4. Support: Email, phone and video support ensure ongoing success


Need 3D Cell Culture Services?

Whether you are working with a single culture screening assay or building co-culture microenvironments for translational research, we can help.