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Our 3D platform utilizes our patented cell patterning technology to engineer the 3D tumor-immune microenvironment and assay immunotherapy efficacy with image-based, phenotypic screening.


Immune Infiltration & Killing

A successful immunotherapy requires immune infiltration through the extracellular matrix (ECM) in order for immune cells to reach and attack cancer cells. Our 3D IO Platform reconstitutes the ECM tumor microenvironment to ensure physiologically relevant immune-tumor interactions in our immunotherapy efficacy evaluations.

02-22-2019  oi 6b 2 .png


Stromal engagement and barrier function often complicate immune activation and infiltration. The incorporation of dense fibroblasts around the tumor recapitulates the desmoplastic stroma in some cancers and is essential for correctly assaying immunotherapy efficacy in the context of the tumor microenvironment.

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Vascular Engagement

A functional vasculature is a prerequisite for immune cell recruitment and distribution in the tumor tissue. Aberrant vasculature in the tumor often impairs immune penetration in immunotherapy. The endothelial barrier assay can recapitulate immune infiltration of the tumor vascular endothelium layer.