Cypre Presents Minisymposium at AACR 2019 on Immuno-Oncology Platform Data

Cypre Founder and CEO Kolin Hribar, Ph.D., was invited to speak at the Nonclinical Models of Cancer minisymposium session at this year’s AACR conference in Atlanta. Kolin presented data related to a tumor-immune-stroma 3D in vitro model created through a collaboration with Genentech using Cypre’s 3D Immuno-oncology platform. “We are encouraged by the data presented, enabling a new way to assay cancer immunology in the dish” Kolin said.

Cypre currently operates through collaboration with select partners around our 3D Immuno-oncology Platform. Please reach out to our team to learn more and schedule an exploratory meeting (

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Peer-reviewed Publication Showcases VersaGel for Ex Vivo Culture of Patient and PDX Tumors

In a peer-reviewed paper published February, 12, 2019 in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics (an AACR journal), Cypre’s VersaGel extracellular matrix (ECM) hydrogel was used to culture ex vivo tissue in 3D, correctly predicting the clinical response in five glioblastoma patients using resected tumors as well as recapitulating in vivo phenotypes using renal cell carcinoma patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models. The findings described in the paper further demonstrate the applicability of more complex 3D in vitro models in both translational research but also in personalized medicine.

More and more research is showing that 2D cell culture systems and some current 3D technologies like basement membrane extract (BME) or spheroids do not provide the necessary framework to recapitulate the tumor microenvironment. Batch variability or the presence of growth factors in the case of BME can affect drug response and contribute to reproducibility issues. Spheroids, by lacking an ECM, do not properly recreate aspects of tumor progression such as ECM-dependent growth, migration and invasion. The need for a platform that utilizes a batch-consistent, growth factor free ECM hydrogel to enable stronger physiological relevance to in vivo environments is clear.

In the paper titled “A simple three-dimensional hydrogel platform enables ex vivo cell culture of patient and PDX tumors for assaying their response to clinically relevant therapies” the authors use Cypre’s VersaGel ECM hydrogel to grow ex vivo tissue in 3D to demonstrate renal cell tumor growth as a proof of concept and enable in vitro drug validation for these glioblastoma patients. Cypre’s VersaGel successfully allowed ex vivo growths and correctly predicted clinical outcomes for all five patient samples. Read the full paper here.

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Cypre Presents Solution for High-Throughput Screening Using 3D Culture at SLAS 2019

In a poster titled “A novel high-throughput solution for screening drugs with a light-crosslinked VersaGel 3D tumor culture model and automated high-content imaging” Cypre and Molecular Devices co-presented data at SLAS 2019.

Here is Cypre CEO Kolin Hribar, PhD. discussing the poster.

Use the form below to request a copy of the poster.

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VersaGel / Symphony Platform Selected for Best New Drug Discovery and Development Product of 2018 in Scientists’ Choice Awards

Thanks to our loyal customers, we are excited to announce that our Symphony® / VersaGel® 3D culture platform has been nominated for the Best New Drug Discovery & Development Product of 2018 in the Scientists’ Choice Awards.

The annual SelectScience Scientists' Choice Awards celebrate the industry’s best and most effective technologies and give scientists the chance to recognize the top new products which have most advanced their work.

Voting is open until January 25, 2019 and you can cast your for Symphony/VersaGel here. Everyone who votes will have the option to be enrolled for a chance to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card from SelectScience. An additional chance to win a $400 Amazon Gift Card from SelectScience will be offered to scientists who submit a review of the Symphony/VersaGel platform.

The winner will be announced during a special ceremony at the SLAS2019 Conference in Washington, D.C., USA, on February 4, 2019. 

At Cypre, we want to express our deep gratitude to all of our customers and champions for their continued business and making nominations like this possible. We look forward to serving you and new customers in 2019 and beyond.

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Cypre and Molecular Devices Collaborate on 3D Cell Culture Analysis

Cypre and Molecular Devices have begun a collaboration to showcase the synergy between Cypre’s next generation 3D cell culture platform and Molecular Devices’ ImageXpress high content imagers. Cypre’s patented Symphony® and VersaGel® platform produces optically clear, flat gels that are particularly suited for high content imaging. Results from the collaboration will be presented in a poster at SLAS 2019.

As more and more research is poised to move from 2D to 3D, researchers are in search of solutions that are not only reproducible and biologically predictive but also are easy to deploy and scalable. Our goal at Cypre is to use our 3D culture expertise and next generation tools, as well as our synergy with high content and other automated analyses, to deliver on those requirements. We look forward to further collaborating with Molecular Devices and other high content imaging partners to strengthen the larger 3D culture solution being delivered to the market.

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Genentech Presents VersaGel / Symphony Data at LRIG Event

On September 26, 2018 the Laboratory Research and Innovation Group (LRIG) hosted an event called Better Assay Models at the South San Francisco Conference Center. A host of speakers discussed how advances in in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo assay models are producing better data and enabling key decisions to be made earlier and earlier.

In particular, Genentech scientist Robert Blake, D Phil, gave a presentation titled Comparison of 3D Technologies and Their Applications to a Cancer Immunology Model. (See below for full abstract.) Cypre’s Symphony® and VersaGel® 3D culture platform was one of the technologies Dr. Blake discussed in his talk. We here at Cypre were excited to see the positive results he presented.

T cells (orange) infiltrating in VersaGel®-Immunology with GFP-tumors embedded inside (green), highlighting tumor cell killing (red).

T cells (orange) infiltrating in VersaGel®-Immunology with GFP-tumors embedded inside (green), highlighting tumor cell killing (red).

In the study referenced in Dr. Blake’s presentation, Genentech collaborated with Cypre to build a 3D tumor model showcasing immune cell exclusion, a hallmark of some cancers that has resulted in immunotherapy failures costing $Billions in R&D. Dr. Blake described how Cypre helped them build their 3D tumor model using the VersaGel/Symphony platform, and specifically how they created the tumor, stromal and immune cell components in a 3D fashion in 24-well and 96-well microplates.

Dr. Blake’s presentation discussed how it was found that VersaGel’s stiffness and degradability of the matrix played an important role in tumor growth and T-cell migration. Moreover, the fibrotic layer incorporated into the 3D cell model provided a structural barrier to limit T-cell penetration to the surface region of the tumor, effectively recapitulating their clinical observations recently published in Nature. Without the barrier, T cells were able to more freely penetrate the tumor in VersaGel, suggesting the stromal layer provided chemical and/or physical cues attenuating T-cell response and killing of the tumor cells. Genentech will now explore testing various therapeutics in this 3D immune exclusion model for their ability to influence T-cell function.

When asked about the collaboration, Kolin Hribar, PhD, Cypre’s founder and CEO, said “It’s an important milestone to see this project spawn into therapeutic discovery and development at Genentech. Our team is thrilled to work with Rob and Genentech’s excellent team of scientists and researchers for this collaboration.”

We caught up with Dr. Blake via email recently to ask him more about what role he thought Cypre’s VersaGel/Symphony would play in his research. He said, “Cancer-Immunology is currently a mouse-intensive pursuit. The development of novel drugs that target the cancer-immune system interaction will require more sophisticated in vitro 3D co-culture models than those typically applied to traditional cancer drug development. We hope that the technology offered by Cypre will help us apply these models to our drug discovery process.”

Contact us to learn more about how Symphony and VersaGel can deliver next generation 3D culture to your lab.

Here is Dr. Blake’s full abstract from the LRIG conference:

Comparison of 3D Technologies and Their Applications to a Cancer Immunology Model

Robert Blake, Genentech, South San Francisco, CA

The interaction of cells of the immune system with cancers is currently a major focus of many research labs and pharmaceutical companies, with a goal of developing more effective cancer therapies. 3D co-culture methods offer the prospect of being able to recapitulate the immune system - tumor interaction, in an in vitro setting. These types of in vitro methods will be important for developing and studying novel therapeutics for cancer treatment. We have used the MC38ova mouse colon carcinoma model in co-culture with fibroblasts and endothelial cells and treatment with CD8+ T-cells, to evaluate several different 3D cell culture technologies. Our goal was to learn the pros and cons of each technology and their ability to generate meaningful data in vitro for guiding cancer immunology drug discovery projects. We will discuss an interim analysis of what we have learned to date from these studies.

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Cypre Participates in IncuCyte / IntelliCyte User Group Meeting

We here at Cypre are always excited to get a chance to interact with researchers doing meaningful work in the field. That's why we were happy when our friends at Sartorius asked us to discuss the Symphony and VersaGel 3D culture platform at a San Francisco Bay Area user group meeting for their IncuCyte and IntelliCyte customers on October 2, 2018. VersaGel's optical clarity and ability to be easily digested make it a great fit for both IncuCyte and IntelliCyte users.

Send us a note if you are interested in seeing our presentation or visit to learn more and request a free demo.

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Cypre Participates in Amgen Postdoc Conference Start-Up Panel

As part of its 5 year sponsorship of the MBC Biolabs (qb3@953) life sciences incubator, Amgen hosted a panel discussion at their South San Francisco campus on September 20, 2018. The goal of the panel was to give Amgen postdocs and opportunity to learn more about the current biotech start-up scene. Topics for discussion included starting and growing a biotech company, how to hire, the value of mentorship and networking and the future of biotech.


As a resident of the MBC Labs (qb3@953) incubator in San Francisco, Cypre was invited to join the panel. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Kolin Hribar, PhD, talked about his experiences alongside other San Francisco life science and biotech companies (Mission Bio, Mitokinin, BioEclipse Therapeutics, Dahlia Bio, Delve Therapeutics). We were excited to have Cypre represented in the panel and would like to thank Amgen for the invitation. “It was a great opportunity to listen to my peers and engage Amgen's amazing postdocs and staff. I believe learning is the key to developing, regardless of your level!” Dr. Hribar said after panel.

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VersaGel® and Symphony® first shipment

We are excited to announce our products shipped to our pharmaceutical customers!

The team has worked amazingly hard to deliver our first units, and are now excited to help scientists with their 3D cell assays!

Kolin Hribar
Cypre invited to present at Tumor Models SF

Kolin presents Cypre's case studies in translational oncology research and debuts Cypre's platform technology for 3D cell models and ex vivo research, VersaGel™ and Symphony™, arriving end of March.

In attendance, scientists and clinicians from top pharmaceuticals, CROs, and cancer centers including Merck, Genentech, Amgen, Celgene, Takeda, MD Anderson, Jackson Laboratory, Crown Bio, Champions Oncology, MI Bioresearch, and Cedars Sinai.

More information:


Tumor Models SF,

Tumor Models SF,

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Cypre presents at XYZ Technology Forum

Cypre presents at the XYZ Technology Forum, hosted by Hemi Ventures, where industry and academic experts discuss the 2018 Top 10 Emerging Technology Predictions report at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco.

Kolin Hribar
Cypre moderates panel at Reimagining Cancer

Hemi Ventures hosts thought leaders at Stanford University to discuss  novel technologies for cancer research, diagnostics, and clinical decision making.

Cypre's founder and CEO, Kolin, moderates a panel discussing the technological challenges and opportunities such as 3D tumor models in improving pharmaceutical discovery and translation into the clinic.

Presenters at Reimagining Cancer, Stanford University.

Presenters at Reimagining Cancer, Stanford University.

Kolin Hribar