Cypre and Molecular Devices Collaborate on 3D Cell Culture Analysis

Cypre and Molecular Devices have begun a collaboration to showcase the synergy between Cypre’s next generation 3D cell culture platform and Molecular Devices’ ImageXpress high content imagers. Cypre’s patented Symphony® and VersaGel® platform produces optically clear, flat gels that are particularly suited for high content imaging. Results from the collaboration will be presented in a poster at SLAS 2019.

As more and more research is poised to move from 2D to 3D, researchers are in search of solutions that are not only reproducible and biologically predictive but also are easy to deploy and scalable. Our goal at Cypre is to use our 3D culture expertise and next generation tools, as well as our synergy with high content and other automated analyses, to deliver on those requirements. We look forward to further collaborating with Molecular Devices and other high content imaging partners to strengthen the larger 3D culture solution being delivered to the market.

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Cypre and Molecular Devices.png
Robert Lynde