Cypre Participates in Amgen Postdoc Conference Start-Up Panel

As part of its 5 year sponsorship of the MBC Biolabs (qb3@953) life sciences incubator, Amgen hosted a panel discussion at their South San Francisco campus on September 20, 2018. The goal of the panel was to give Amgen postdocs and opportunity to learn more about the current biotech start-up scene. Topics for discussion included starting and growing a biotech company, how to hire, the value of mentorship and networking and the future of biotech.


As a resident of the MBC Labs (qb3@953) incubator in San Francisco, Cypre was invited to join the panel. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Kolin Hribar, PhD, talked about his experiences alongside other San Francisco life science and biotech companies (Mission Bio, Mitokinin, BioEclipse Therapeutics, Dahlia Bio, Delve Therapeutics). We were excited to have Cypre represented in the panel and would like to thank Amgen for the invitation. “It was a great opportunity to listen to my peers and engage Amgen's amazing postdocs and staff. I believe learning is the key to developing, regardless of your level!” Dr. Hribar said after panel.

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Kolin Hribar