Cypre Presents Minisymposium at AACR 2019 on Immuno-Oncology Platform Data

Cypre Founder and CEO Kolin Hribar, Ph.D., was invited to speak at the Nonclinical Models of Cancer minisymposium session at this year’s AACR conference in Atlanta. Kolin presented data related to a tumor-immune-stroma 3D in vitro model created through a collaboration with Genentech using Cypre’s 3D Immuno-oncology platform. “We are encouraged by the data presented, enabling a new way to assay cancer immunology in the dish” Kolin said.

Cypre currently operates through collaboration with select partners around our 3D Immuno-oncology Platform. Please reach out to our team to learn more and schedule an exploratory meeting (

Robert Lynde